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Table of Contents
Preface Naoko Sajima D
Abbreviations I
Conference Organizing Committee in Japan IA
Program and photos IB
1 Opening Remarks Michio Yamaoka 1
2 Keynote speeches
a Japan / NZ Relations: Past, Present and Future The Old Samurai and New Samurai Ian Kennedy 9
b Japan and New Zealand 160 Years Tetsuya Endo 23
c New Zealand Studies in Japan: Footprints and Prospects Ryuji Komatsu 35
3 Monographs
PART 1Politics, Diplomacy and International Security
a Tacking towards the centre: winning elections in New Zealand and Japan Stephen Levine 49
b Wooing Island Pals: Japan, China and New Zealand in the South Pacific Xin Chen 79
c New Zealand's Relations with Japan and Korea:A Comparative Analysis Mark Pearson 103
PART 2  Economy and Welfare
a An International Comparison of University Students’ Understanding of Economics: Japan and New Zealand Michio Yamaoka and Steven Lim 123
b Economic Policy and Cultural Well-Being:The New Zealand Experience Paul Dalziel, Gillis Maclean and Caroline Saunders 139
PART 3  Cultural Exchange and Immigration
a Japanese “Long term stayers:” using their experiences in New Zealand to help resolve declining Japanese tourist numbers Charles Johnston 173
b New Zealanders and Japan, 1998-2008, in global context Malcolm McKinnon 201
Contributors 216
Editors 222
Index 224
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